Every Acknowledgment is intended to give credit to those who stood by and contributed to the writer’s success. But since the book apart from the introduction, is a collection of publications of the author in various stages of life … from school days to date, it would be very difficult to mention all the names of those who have touched the life of the author, as they are countless. I have had to restrict my acknowledgment to two pages and have naturally left out many whose contributions are no less important in my journey through life and the success of this work.I thank the Almighty God for giving me understanding family of Dr. (Imam) Abdulhameed Shuaib PhD whose parental love and inspirational guidance have been the fuel that has driven me so far. I am indebted to my religious teacher, Mal. Salihu Abdulrauf who taught me the holy scripture and responsible for my spiritual upbringing; all my teachers in Kwalli Special Primary School and School for Arabic Studies SAS Kano. To my lecturers in the Departments of Mass Communication, Arabic and Islamic Studies of Bayero University Kano. I thank you all for imparting to me knowledge and basic educational requirements.

I express my immense gratitude to those editors on whose doors I banged with my youthful views during my school days. They gave me the initial encouragement to write and stimulated my interest by publishing those infantile views. The editors include my big brothers: Mal. Abduhamid Babatunde of the Democrat, Mal. Garba Shehu of Triumph (Now GM ALSCON) and those of New Nigerian and National Concord. Josephine Lohor (now Zonal Editor Thisday) who as the then Literary Page Editor of Triumph, published all my creative writings (fictions and poems). The skill garnered from the experience enabled me to write my first novel Nightmare for the Rich.

As one grows up, one encounters more accomplished and respectable editors whose influence and professionalism rob off on his works. For me those editors include Festus Adedayo of the Tribune, Segun Adeniyi of Thisday, Akin Olaniyan of Punch, Mal. Kabir Yusuf of Daily Trust, Emeka Anaeto of Vanguard, Ali M. Ali of Triumph and Joseph Sesebo of Guardian. Others that are responsive to the author’s write-ups include National Interest, Champion, Monitor, Sunray, Post Express, Comet, Daily Times, Herald, Anchor and many others. I neither set my eyes on some of those Editors nor talked to them. I must appreciate the publication of my articles in their media as they encourage and give me the pride to publish this book.

In the field of public relations practice where writing skill is necessary, I learnt a great deal from Donald Overidjo, Omakri of Delta State Government House and Mr. S. O. Babajide in the Federal Ministry of finance. At present I have personal subeditor Theo Olaye, who checks my script at every time to make it sound, but is a lazy writer. I have to acknowledge the contribution of my assistants in the office for facilitating the compilation of the collection: Umar S. Kulo, HS Kagara, Gabriel David, Comfort Nga and Adamu Garba

I must mention the professional advice and proofreading of this work by Mr. Festus Adedayo, Pastor Tope Banso and Mr. Donatus Etukudo. The same goes to the management and staff of the Publisher, Image Merchants Promotion, Abdulahi Bolaji Ismail, Marcus Yohanna, Shuaib Ibn Mohammed Omoolowo and Happiness Ogwu for encouraging me to put up this book. I am grateful for their input.

Writing as hobby for a civil servant is indeed a risky and tedious adventure. But I must admit that I am very lucky to have highly responsible, reliable and supportive chief executives in my various places of work who give me total freedom to write freely without any query or rebuke.

I shouldn’t forget to mention my family whose care and understanding even inspired some of the writings: my amiable wife, Sikrat and the cheerful children Gidado, Saad and Abdulhameed. I am indeed very grateful to all of them.

Yushau Abdulhameed Shuaib



“While wouldn’t you hold on until you attain a higher positionwhere opulent well-wishers will launch it with millions”- A friend remarks.As individuals’ actions are intended to achieve specific purposes so also is writing for the media. A good writer, I believe, is the one who is not selfish with an idea but enjoys seeing the public benefit from the exercise. My published works were neither made for monetary benefit nor sponsored. Though there are writers who freelance and get paid, my writings are purely personal opinions which I must say is a hobby. I cherish the editors’ endorsement whenever any of my pieces is published especially when one considers the daily large number of unsolicited contributions in their incoming mails. The collections in this book are selected published works in the media over a period of time.I was encouraged to put up this book by friends and readers who through discussion, letters and e-mail requested to know those tricks that enable one’s piece to be published. While compiling the published works, I realised that more than twenty (20) national newspapers, had published some of the articles. For instance, all the titles depicted in the cover, are some of those that used the articles.I am unable to publish all the works in this book due to constraints of space, poor documentation, and others may not be relevant here because they are official and authorised. Therefore, all the selections here are strictly the personal opinions of the writer.

It must also be admitted here that the author benefited a lot in his work through personal discussions, further readings, environmental influence, positions attained and the state of mind at particular period of time. The creative writings (prose and poems), for instance, are not necessarily true occurrences, some are fictitious and imaginary narrations but are intended to share feelings, educate and entertain the readers through pleasurable reading.

I’m proud to say that there are times when views expressed are contradictory to bureaucratic positions, but the authorities have come to realize that there is a clear distinction between a writer as a concerned citizen who has the right to express himself freely on issue directly or indirectly affecting majority of the people, and as an employee who is cautious of what he writes officially or on behalf of the employers. The understanding of employers minimises, to some extent, the use of pseudonyms and pen names in the exercise.As you’re about to read the book, the first chapter is all about writing for the media which includes types of writing, research, planning, tools, transmission and bad habits in writings among others. It is a simple guide to writing specifically for the print media. The subsequent chapters are the published collections categorized under subheadings. Each of the chapters has six (6) related published topics/pieces which are specially chosen not to exceed 200 pages in the book.Chapters two to ten are the author’s works while eleven and twelve are the published criticisms from other writers against the publications of the author in the form of rejoinders and reviews.I hope you will find the works and opinions interesting as the collections are timely and useful guides to young and new writers wishing to get published. I must also admit that, while I try to make sure the book is error-free by down loading from the media’s web sites, copy typing some publications and occasionally using the original manuscripts, all errors and omissions in the book are my shortcomings and hereby regretted. I will therefore, appreciate your observations, suggestions and constructive criticism that will enable me to improve the quality of the subsequent edition. Please, remember that the views and opinions expressed in this book are strictly personal opinions and feelings of the author, which may not reflect the official positions of individuals and bodies. Happy Reading.