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Mr Shuaib,

Where were you when the entire Igbo rejected the so-called election that produced the very same outcome you are now whingeing about? In which part of the God foresaken state were you hiding when the farcial charade was enacted in April? Short of running about and killing pregnant women in sabon gari or behading a man in police custody and parading his head on a spike around Kano, what are Hausa people doing to challenge the illegitimate regime that has been imposed on Nigeria?

1.         Igbo people are not Hausa or Yoruba people just like Italians are not French and Germans are not Rusians. Your commentary arises largely from a gross misreading of the Igbo political culture. The moment you understand that key point, the better for you and your ilk. The French, Italians and Japanese change their goverments every fotnight, yet they control some of the largest economies in the world.

2.         Not long ago, Nigerians without any evidence gloated about educational collapse in Igboland da da da da da da. That continued until JAMB  showed that Anambra state alone had more university candidates than the entire nothern Nigeria, and more candidates than three Yoruba states combined! And yet Anambra was the state where Igbo had allegedly abandoned education for trading.

3.         The decay if any in Igbo politics is caused and maintained by state failure in Nigeria. An independent Igbo state free from the constrictures imposed by your ilk would evolve at its own pace, it may change regimes daily or weekly and still be able to develop and guide its own rocket systems just like was done in Biafra, so shut up and don't talk to us about genocide in Sierra Leone. What about the massacre of Igbo people in Hausaland that led to war? What about the massacre of all male Igbo by your hero Mr Murtala Mohammed at Asaba in 1967? What about the Hausa-led starvation to death of 2 million Igbo women and children between 1967 and 1970? Obviously, those do not qualify as genocide in your warped logic.

4.         And when you speak of "credible candidate for the presidency", we say yeah right! Just as credible as Obasanjo, a semi-literate thug and buffoon who is running the hopeless negro state down on a daily basis. Now that the Igbo did not produce your credible candidate, let those of you who can produce them continue to run Nigeria, Obasanjo style and lets see who  gets hurt first.

5.         My friend, if I were you, I would keep my nose out of Igbo affairs and concentrate on issues affecting the Hausa nation - desertification, mass illiteracy,  Islamic fundamentalism, delinkage from global culture etc.

I look left, right and centre and I fail to see any gains your nation has made out of its political wisdom that qualify you to prescribe political behaviour for us.

6.         So just look after yourself mate and leave the Igbo alone. Nigeia is not going anywhere but downhill without the full and robust participation of Igbo people, the single largest nation in that state. Anti-Igbo policies and commentary will only lead to further collapse of Igbo support for the Nigerian state and its inevitable collapse. All such ideas will ultimately  fail while the Igbo will survive, always. For example, in the 1970s, you lot started messing about with the Nigerian educational system to punish the Igbo - quota system, federal character, educationally disadvataged areas etc. As a result, many Igbo were  forced out to the USA. Today we have a solid Igbo diaspora - educated, mobile, skilled, affluent and conscious. Meanwhile the Hausa are still stuck in Nigeria with their degenerative quota system. In the same way, the principle of rotational presidency was squelched when it was the Igbo turn. Now look at what obasanjo is doing with the unfortunate black state.


The Nigerian state is run as a punitive enterprise against Igbo people. But every anti-Igbo policy will drive that state down the tube while the Igbo targets will survive and prosper. The emergence of the Igbo diaspora as a direct consequence of the degenerative quota system is a lesson for you and your ilk.

So weep for youself and your Nigeria, weep not for Ndiigbo.


Mz Kevin Ani

Executive Director

CIVIL RIGHTS LEAGUE-NG <crlng@catholic.org>



How are you? I want to congratulate you for the piece on 'Ibo people' which I read in the

internet. I am Ibo myself but it pains me that Nigeria's leaders have not been able to harness the potentials of Ibos while discouraging the wrongful diversion of these potentials in perpetuating negative vices of all sorts exhibited by many of my kinsmen.



"Lawrence Ikwueze"





Dear Shuaib

I am of the Ibo descent living in the United States.I am writing to commend you on the most brilliant and effuusive article I have read in a long time. I agree into-to with every assertion as you have enumerated in you piece.My promise to you is that I do intend to e-mail this particular piece to all my friends and sundry.

"Dibia, Adolphus"


25 july 2003



After   reading your piece on the above subject I concluded that   you seem not to know  what is going on even when  it is clear on the ground. can't you understand that Obasanjo is reponsible for what  happened in Anambra state, just to embarass Ekwueme and Ojukwu ? why has  Obasanjo not charged those guys with treason as he will do  to others else where?

You wrote as if  Ibos  are naturally stupid people who   preper Illiterates to govern  them.  Remember it was Emeka Offor who was used  by OBJ during the tenure of the  previous governor. Now it is   Chris Uba . You are an intelligent person who should ask himself some relevant  questions:

Why must these two troublesome fellows  be  Illiterate contractors based in Abuja? It has nothing to do with  ethnic group or tribe.  Were northerners in OBJ's  campaign not insulting  Gen Buhari ?

Has that happened  before?  Will that be enough reason to say  the northerners are stupid?   We all know  what OBJ is doing, but I am happy that  he only has  a couple of   years left.   Why  must it always be Anambra State? Why not Imo,  Abia Ebonyi or  Enugu?




24 july 2003


Thanks Mr. for your good insult, Mr.Yushau Abdulhameed Shuaib. Why should you deliberately decide to be ignorant? You can blame Igbos for everything including the Kaduna Sharia riot, but you should have been frank to admit that Obasanjo (Nigeria state as whole) is still waging the Biafran war against the Igbos. Igboland is the only section of the country where the federal Police force engages in all arts of crime and lawlessness with the active support and encouragement from the Obsanjo's federal governemet. It is

deliberately done in order to instigate riot in Igbo land, so that Obasanjo will see reason to "take off more Igbo heads" if i may borrow that phrase from Reuben Abati. If not why has Obasanjo not made a comment on the Anambra crisis? Where is the outrage from the Nigerian Press and the so-called civil right activists?  Blame Igbo for everything including the the fuel riot, if Igbos wheren't into fuel business, petrol would have 50K per liter.

"Emenike Anigbogu"


23 july 2003



Yushau Abdulhameed Shuaib-

I'm Igbo and under normal circumstances i would rip apart your article. The truth can not be ignored and your write up is true. You hit the nail on the head. Any national aspirations for Aso rock should come after we clean up our house. For all our achievements a handful of hooligans make the entire tribe to seem decadent.


Your write-up was very insightful.




-- "1b_bad " <1b_bad@blackplanet.com>

24 july 2003



Hello Shuaib,

I am a student at the Catholic University Leuven Belgium. I am a full blooded Igbo Man who not only love my race and tribe but  firmly wishes to have a separate Igbo nation from the deceit called Nigeria.

However, I would not fail to give you a standing ovation for your well tailored and objective observation. I refuse to see your views as criticism whether objective or subjective but as a candid love to my dear race and beloved people. For I saw your views as a great honour and respect to the tribe I came from and not to make mockery of it, as I do observe in some other authors.

I do read a lot of works from other biased people ,but I was most impressed by your work that I had to take off time of my studies to write you a commendation mail.

Once more, I say thanks,

If you can, please be sending me your articles I would be glad to have them.

Keep fine and may God bless you.


Uche ( Schooling in Belgium)



23 july 2004




Hi, My Dear Shuaib,

Thank you for your piece in the Punch edition on Tuesday, May, 18, 2004.  Actually, what is happening amongst our so-called State or Federal Legislators is alarming in our society today.  As you have rightly asked "how many legislators from other West African countries travel abroad frequently for medical check-ups as their counterparts do in Nigeria when we have better medical facilities in our country".  They, the legislators are telling our medical personnels that they are not different from 'bunch of mediocres' who do not know anything at all.

I am praying every Nigerian to see our legislators whether in the state or federal level as 'blood suckers' and we should all fight to see that these blood sucking people are pulled down one by one.  When I read in one of the national dailies, that Ekiti State Government sent legislators to Oyinbo land to teach them how to legislate, I cried for the poor in Ekiti State who I know very well cannot afford one or two square meal in a day.  I used to asked myself, do these legislators have blood running in their veins? and if any their blood must have been contaminated with self-interest syndrome.  What I also expect the poor to be telling the legislators to always pointedly telling them "God dey O". By saying so, God Almighty is taking record of all these on behalf of the poor masses.  One of the members of federal House of Representatives came to my office one day with his official jeep.  When he alighted from the vehicle, I looked at him for almost 30 minutes and I was carried away with the quality of outfit (black suit) this man worn.  Since that day, I now believe that our so-called legislators are legislating for themselves and their immediate family.  One question I am asking now is when will these legislators's personal pocket get full for money before they will face those who voted them in office?  His movement that day was like that of an elephant by walking slowly as if he is on top of Nigeria.

Let me digress a little, about two or three weeks ago, the Minister of State for Finance, Mrs. Nenadi Usman accused some state governors of reckless spending of taxpayers money.  Some of them felt insulted because they are above the law or they are too much to be questioned in Nigeria for looting public fund as far as they are in control of their respective states.  When I saw Governors James Ibori of Delta State, Lucky Igbinedion Edo State and Sam Egwu of Ebonyi State in the newspapers asking the Minister of State for Finance to tender appology letter to them, my heart bleed.  These men have sold shame in the market that is why they could not keep quite when they had the Minister telling the truth. O, do they want the Minister to thank them for spending public fund recklessly?  If Mrs Nenadi cannot do so, I therefore come forward to thank all the governors concern Thank You For Spending Public Fund anyhow and may God continue to bless them accordingly.

Brother Shuaib, do you think that our legislators at the state and federal levels reads newspapers at all? If they don't have shame, the poor people of Nigeria have shame that is why they are crying for good governance in Nigeria today.

Once again, thank you brother Shuaib and I looked forward to such piece probably soonest, please.

Chris. O.

e-mail: Chrissodo@yahoo.co.uk





"It is unfair and unjust to join a person and group in official rebuttal when they are not involved in the petition. " From the above statement, both Fani-Kayode and Umar are unjust to join "a person or group in ......petition." Hear Umar:"Were it not for public pressure, Iyiola Omisore would be sitting at the Senate if not in your cabinet. While some of us will certainly end up in jail between now and 2007, the Bode Georges who have learnt well how to massage your ego will collect more national honours, the Nigerian Ports Authority probe notwithstanding."

"If we accept in our political philosophy the view of Mr. Fasheun, one of your most prominent apologists..."

Umar was a guy I used to hold in high esteem so much but the above statement could set people of one ethnic group against the other. He wrote the above statement to display his ethinic irredentism just as Femi Fani-Kayode said in 2001 before he got his appointment that: "Goodbye Nigeria: Hello Oduduwa And lest they forget let our 'AREWA' brothers be reminded of the incontrovertible fact: the only reason that the Yoruba nation is not on the march today is simply because a fellow Yoruba man, as misinformed and misguided as he is, is sitting on the throne. Yet the truth is that, Obasanjo or no Obasanjo, when the time is right, the militant march of the Yoruba nationalists will rent the air and shake the very foundations of this country."

(Umar and Fani-Kayode both have ethnic irredentism running in their blood)



New York






Yah Alhaji,

This last one was a masterpiece. I can not say enough about you this guy. You are just too much and you belong to the thinkers and elite group of that country. The sky is even too close for your limit and I wish you all the best.

What is in this though for you? You deserve to be rewarded eventually even though you are doing this not for any profit or gain!! I think and I agree with you that, that guy deserves a national honors Award and he will surely get one this year. You need to publish this in all national dailies and in strategic locations and pages to gain the widest public consumption. I wish you the best.

I want you to modify this peice and publish it as a summary of the activities of RMAFC during this democratic dispensation in Newspapers and websites pls. I can hardly believe you have done so much in these past years and they are commendable to say the least.

Take care my Man and be YOU.

Edeth James.

December 8, 2003





I read your article in Gamji.com titled Memo to Armed robbers

it was very well laid kudos! I only wish they read these write ups

honestly write up like this can help change a bad mind, you never know

Keep up the good work



"Andy Esun [ MTN - UBA ]"






Nzeribe may be an Igbo, but not all Igbo have a say in the election of the Senate President and not all Igbo are in PDP. SO DO NOT GENERALIZE YOUR ADVICE FOR THE IGBO TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT SELECTING THE SENATE PRESIDENT. Rather, advise other senators from other zones not to accept Nzeribe if he is so elected.


"Dimkpa, Christian (IITA)"


16 may 2003

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